Industrial Processing Solutions


Equipment for particle size reduction, enlargement, feeding and separation.


Batching, weighing, and plant automation solutions for End Users & OEMs.

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Results Come First

At Prater-Sterling, our motto is: Results Come First. Our products work to serve your dry processing, powder and bulk solids applications. With Prater-Sterling's extensive line of equipment and systems, you will obtain the best possible results of your process time after time. Each of our high-quality products are developed to serve each industry differently, in order to provide the desired outcome of each processing application.

Each of our products carries the Prater-Sterling guarantee of efficiency and durability, while designed to adapt to serve the needs of a variety of industry applications. Prater-Sterling products are rugged and time-tested, providing the best results for materials processing. Whether you plan to feed, size, enlarge, weigh, or reduce your material, Prater-Sterling products provide the Particle Management Solutions you seek.